“Ah Vanity, definitely my favorite sin” – Al Pacino

Hey! My name is Vinisha and as a lifestyle micro-influencer, I have definitely seen both the good and bad sides of Instagram! Complicated algorithms, disapproval from friends, not living in the moment, being misunderstood, seen as wasting time and much more!

Sure, blogger photos are overly-edited to fit a curated theme but there is nothing wrong with that! It just makes the layout much more aesthetic, clean and crisp. I created this blog to share thoughts about the unseen side of Instagram, behind the scenes work and most importantly shine light on the unedited raw side of photos you love so much! Have you seen those sayings like “When I ask you to take a photo, I mean take 40 and I don’t care if you have to squat or hang off a tree to get the perfect shot”. Well yeah, that’s a real first world problem. Angles, lighting, location and backgrounds take quite a few attempts to get right. Here’s a slideshow showcasing some BTS versus the final versions.

Being a graduate from Communications & Media Studies with a minor in Psychology, I want to use this platform to discuss complex issues related to misrepresentation on social media. On the other hand, from a blogger perspective I want to showcase how even though Instagram skews concepts of reality, it is still a beautiful hobby and great way to earn income for a lot of individuals.

Most images on Instagram are glamorized portrayals of reality but not reality in itself, this creates impractical perceptions of others hindering meaningful relationships.

Combining my education with my passion, my goal is to create a safe space where individuals can read and interact with relatable content. Who doesn’t love social media and all the opportunities it comes with? That being said.. everything is not what is seems! If you started singing the Wizards of Waverly place theme song after reading that line then Alex Russo would be proud!

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