My Birthday Post was a SHIT SHOW – honest BTS

While the above photo may be one of my all time favorite Instagram shots, the behind the scenes wasn’t as pretty. 

Let me start off by saying that this photo was captured on April 13th (one day after my birthday). I had already rushed and thrown up a photo in front of a white wall, holding up peace signs and wearing a birthday girl tiara the day before. The reason I hurried to post that was because my birthday fell right in the middle of final exams and take homes so I didn’t have time to curate an image I loved. This was disappointing as I wanted my birthday post to be really special which I didn’t feel it was. 

Rewind back to the day of the 13th… let me just say – it was a super rainy, gloomy and windy day. Anyways, as much as I wanted to do the photo right away, I had a lunch planned and also had to get ready for my party eventually. I did not want to have to keep re-doing my makeup and have mascara everywhere looking like a raccoon. “Okay let’s just get all the errands done – pick up the things we need for the party, snacks, paper plates, decorations etcetera and then I can get the instagram shot later” was the decision I made.  

Little did I realize, just how long all of this would take… (probably my fault because of my indecisiveness when choosing colors and decorative pieces ahah). Keep in mind I live up North in Canada and heck it may have been April but it got dark early and felt more like late February! To cut a long story short, we got back to the hotel around 5:15 pm trying to catch some of the light. We spent a good while blowing up balloons and decorating the area for the shoot. At this point, I’m freaking out because I still have to do my makeup, hair and change into my dress plus the lighting just seemed like it was a mess. My boyfriend and other close friend told me they’ll handle it and to go get ready! So I skiddadled out of there trying to get dolled up as quick as possible. By the time I came back, they worked some of their Engineering magic and redesigned the lighting in that hotel room.. I was impressed! Here’s a couple clips of that set up:

As wonderful a job they did moving lamps and lights around, they still had to hold lights directly on me while I sat amidst the balloons posing away like a celebrity (felt pretty neat to be honest)! On another hand, it also felt like a yoga pose where I had to keep my legs perfectly aligned, my body straight and not look like I’m leaning ontop of a giant pink balloon. Add onto all of that the Rose Gold balloons flying all over the place, changing direction and my silly friend continuously saying “are you 55”,

Here is a video of this commentary and the balloons not cooperating

“This definitely feels like a yoga class, more than an instagram photo”

We played some Bollywood music on the speakers, joked around and had a pretty good shoot but it wasn’t just “okay let’s dress up and take a photo” like most people think it is. There’s a lot of thought process behind the scenes and also some amazing people helping out! So shoutout to Mohit & Ani for helping me curate the killer birthday shot I wanted. Here’s the final before and after version: 

Two more quick facts – I had barely eaten anything all day and rushed to grab food in the small interval between the shoot and my party. Secondly, the dress left a trail of glitter EVERYWHERE!!! It was messy and I decided to change last minute into my back up dress! 

Okay yes, this may all seem like such first world problems and I agree with you… they are! The goal of this isn’t to complain about getting a perfect Instagram photo, the aim is just to share my reality that you don’t necessarily get to see in the fully edited final product. 

PS. This is kinda what my phone looked like… YIKES

Until next time… Xoxo – Vinisha 💋


  1. Nickie

    I love how real you are being about the whole process. I definitely know where you’re coming from and my phone has looked like that on multiple occasions as well!


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